Green Tea Metabolism
How To Increase Your Metabolism With Green Tea

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  • Decaffeination is the process of removal of caffeine content from the leaves of the tea. Decaffeinated green tea also looses important antioxidant present in it or also known as polyphenol catechins compared to regular ones. This is why manufacturers put on their labels the amount of decaffeination the product has undergone.

  • What is really there in Green Tea that makes it so popular today? There are almost a hundred of reasons why Green Tea is very beneficial to our health. There are other stuffs that can be found in them. But what are really those that give off a really big difference from the others? This is what they call as miracle ingredient or also known as Green Tea’s antioxidants.

  • Chinese people are known for their centuries-old custom of tea drinking. The reason they love tea aside from its rich scent and flavour is because of its health advantages. This includes beautiful skin and general good health performance. In some studies, Chinese have the smallest rate of major illness around the globe because of their lifestyle and adequate intake of tea.

  • Discover how to lose weight and increase your overall metabolism by using Green Tea. Green tea has special antioxidant compounds that will reduce your weight.............

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Green Tea Metabolism
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