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Green Tea Antioxidants

The Advantages of Antioxidants in Green Tea

What is really there in Green Tea that makes it so popular today? There are almost a hundred of reasons why Green Tea is very beneficial to our health. There are other stuffs that can be found in them. But what are really those that give off a really big difference from the others? This is what they call as miracle ingredient or also known as Green Tea’s antioxidants.

The next thing we would be asking is, so what if it has antioxidants? Well some underlying facts may give satisfaction to your question after knowing these several information.

a.) Antioxidants combat loose radicals.

Radicals may come in different places. They are almost present everywhere. Seeing them might be impossible for us, but they are still there around.  Antioxidants’ main role with loose radicals is to eliminate them inside our body so that they can not develop into deadly illnesses. Ageing is the only way antioxidants’ duty is weaken inside our body, thus making the eliminating work less efficient. Loose radicals circumnavigate into our body by means of blood. This is the reason why if we don’t eliminate these harmful things, they will continue wrecking our healthy cells and DNA. Antioxidants act as a suppressant of ageing by rejuvenating the most innate degree of our cells.

b.) Antioxidants contain a significant number of Flavonoids.

Flavonoids and catechins are the ones who are responsible for the prevention of cells to be developed as tumours which can lead to cancer. Not just cancer but other common health problems experienced today in our modern world.

c.) Antioxidants from Green Tea are so concentrated.

Other drinks and victuals may have antioxidants but in much lower content compared to Green Tea. This is the reason why it is very efficient when it comes to your budget. According to research that even a small amount of Green Tea leaves may contain adequate amount of antioxidants that the body needs regularly.

d.) Antioxidants from Green Tea are fairly equal to other fruits and vegetables like apples.

According to studies catechin content of various fruits and vegetables can not compare their amount to Green Tea. As we all know that catechins are responsible for many healthy actions that may take place in us, thus allowing ourselves to consume Green Tea before its too late is a wise option. It is very uneconomical also if you spent too much for other things that you know initially contains large amount of catechins but actually it is not.

e.) Antioxidants cause a multi-functioning effect.

The reason why Green Tea is best known for its detoxification action is because of other chemicals found in it. This actually causes an effect that makes the actual antioxidants’ action being assisted through this other chemicals.

f.) Antioxidants from Green Tea are far above potent.

Comparing other vitamins to Green tea on its potency is very different. Green Tea can be easily cleansed by water because of its solubility. Therefore it can be released from the body easily. Unlike other vitamins and minerals they are not. Some stay longer inside and the accumulation of it inside may cause potential damages.

g.) Antioxidants in terms of absorption are very effective.

Some researchers can prove it. According to them antioxidants are directly introduced in the body after consumption and retains longer among other ingredients.

Green Tea antioxidants are indeed the miracle we need in our daily needs. So why settle for anything else wherein the answer is at hand. Drink your Green Tea now and be happy from its benefits.



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